MICYRN Lawyer Network

The streamlining of contracts has been identified as one of the barriers of efficiently starting up a multicenter, multijurisdictional pediatric clinical trial in Canada. The challenge of a streamlined process largely stems from the regulations/laws governing each jurisdiction, as well as the different health systems. An effective method to streamline the contracts process has been proposed to develop a “Heads of Terms” agreement which would outline each jurisdiction’s essential items and hard limits to be used as a guide for future contracts. In addition, it was also proposed that developing a network of lawyers that specialize in clinical trials would further assist in opening up the lines of communication and collaboration amongst the different jurisdiction. 

 To that end, MICYRN is facilitating the creation of a network of clinical trial lawyers to meet a few times over the next several months to capture unique jurisdictional issues and to develop collaborative approaches toward the drafting a “Heads of Terms” agreement. The retreat presents an opportunity for the network of lawyers to meet face-to-face to allow further discussion around the contracts process.