National KidsCan YPAG Call for Research Collaborations

The National KidsCan Young Person’s Advisory Group for Research is a Canada-wide initiative aimed to increase the engagement of paediatric patients in all phases of the research process. Currently, there are no groups operating on the national level to include young patients as advisors in research. With this national initiative, Canadian researchers will have access to a unique consultation service to support their research endeavours. This initiative will be especially beneficial for research groups who do not have access to a local consultation group at their hospital, academic centre, or community-based health care facility. The group will meet on twelve occasions in the first year working on activities including but not limited to designing research documents, providing input on the format of research ethics consent and assent forms, and establishing patient-centered research protocols and methodology. Young patients will act as ambassadors to raise awareness of the importance of youth in research and discuss outcomes important for children and young people involved in clinical trials. 

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Andy Rudy