Canada’s First Workshop on the Development of Cannabinoid Clinical Trials for Children

In February, MICYRN assisted Dr. Lauren Kelly in the development and facilitation of a two-day workshop that brought together clinicians and researchers, methodologists, regulators including Health Canada, industry stakeholders, and family representatives from across the country. Attendees discussed the urgent need to develop systematic approaches to building and evaluating the evidence for dosing, comparative effectiveness and the long-term safety of medicinal cannabinoids in children.
The Canadian Childhood Cannabinoid Clinical Trials (C4T) group supports the evaluation of cannabinoid products for use in children with health concerns. In this context, it is unethical not to treat cannabis like any other drug. Canada needs studies to ensure patients and doctors have support when choosing the right product and dose. The workshop featured discussion on the lack of evidence for the safe and effective use of cannabis products in pediatrics, potential strategies for future trial designs, and barriers to overcome.
Sponsorship in the form of donations was received from Aurora, Avicanna, BlissCo, Canopy Growth, TerrAscend, and Tilray. The donations covered the costs of participant travel, accommodation and meals. Follow @C4T_Canada  for the latest news from the Canadian Childhood Cannabinoid Clinical Trials consortia.

Andy Rudy