KidsCAN Trials

As a program of MICYRN, KidsCAN Trials will be a national hub to coordinate research, training and knowledge transfer in the safe therapeutic use of medicines for children. By federating all academic child health centres and their affiliated research institutes, KidsCAN Trials will encourage new processes and practices, new policy approaches and new ways of organizing care for children. It will catalyze the development of new research methods and new knowledge transfer tools and will foster collaboration among patients, families, child healthcare institutions, researchers, educators and regulators.

CTU Database

The CTU Database will provide MICYRN sites with information on site readiness. This database is accessible to members of the Clinical Trials Consortium.

Streamline Clinical Trial Application Process

MICYRN is working to:

  • Collaborate with Health Canada and other International regulatory bodies such as the EMA and FDA on key guidance issues related the clinical trial application process. MICYRN is working to develop processes using the existing regulatory framework to effectively streamline the clinical trial application process for sponsors and investigators within Canada

Ethics Harmonization

MICYRN is working to:

  • Support the development of an ethics harmonization process for multi-jurisdictional clinical trials

Multi-Centre Guidance

MICYRN is working to:

  • Develop a clinical trial checklist and procedural working documents to assist with efficiently setting up and running multi-centre clinical trials

  • Development of a network agreement roadmap to facilitate the legal and study teams with the clinical trial agreement and contracts

  • Provide an E-Library of resources/tools and templates for: placebo development/labelling of study drug, master agreements for contracts, site training, data collection and management 

Single Point of Contact

MICYRN is working to:

  • Create a “one-stop shop” clinical trials access point of information, resources and expertise for both industry and academic research (sponsors, other sites, and investigators)

  • Develop points of contact with thought leaders across specialty networks and academic thought leaders across Canada to provide advice and expertise in areas such as study evaluation, protocol design, diverse stakeholder engagement and exploratory advice 

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