Clinical Trials Consortium Background

The Maternal Infant Child & Youth Research Network of Canada (MICYRN) was formed in 2006 to remove barriers and build capacity for high quality health research, and to foster and enhance national and international collaborations. At the 2017 MICYRN Strategic Retreat and following the merging of MICYRN and CCCHR (The Council for Canadian Child Health Research), there was a consensus that the organization should prioritize its activities with its primary objective being to develop a collaborative national infrastructure to support clinical investigations, with an emphasis on multicentre clinical trials. The ultimate goal of this consortium is to enhance Canadian child health through increased access to high-quality clinical trials supported by an efficient, safe, and family-centered national infrastructure. Contributions to the national infrastructure at the local site level and broadly encouraging each site to invest in this initiative to enable the development of key deliverables will be imperative if this is to be successful at the national level.



The Clinical Trials Site Consortium shall:

  • Prioritize areas of opportunity and develop scientific and operational directions and initiatives. Engage individuals who have responsibility for overseeing clinical research operations or who are invested in developing clinical research at their member-affiliated MICYRN research organizations across the country so as to enhance functioning of the Network.

  • Encourage communication between MICYRN member research organizations so as to better support multisite projects and investigator teams.

  • Identify common processes that could benefit from being harmonized across institutions, and develop tactical approaches to realize shared efficiencies.

  • Identify key areas where setting “best practices” could enhance the quality and outcome of research (ie. data management, biobanking); and determine means by which to enact best practices.

  • Provide input into MICYRN performance metrics and “return on investment” for MICYRN.

  • Establish and build on opportunities to generate interest in trials from industry and forge international relationships to improve the situation for clinical trials at home and beyond.